Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

Lainey really enjoyed Christmas this year. She loved opening up her presents, but she got so many of them that after a while she was ready to move on to the next thing. It was fun to see her interact with all her cousins, she loved having the extra playmates :) Hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas and wishing you and your families a Happy and Blessed New Year!

Although it appears I'm more excited than she is about this shopping cart, she absolutely LOVES it! She wanted to push that around instead of open the rest of her presents.

Cousin Reagan and Lainey playing with hair stuff. Lainey was preparing to use the hair dryer on Reagan. I can only imagine what these two will be up to as they get older.

The best "Peschka cousin" picture I got.

So festive!

Here she's got on her own golf bag at the golf shop. It was so cute watching her walk around with the clubs and all....just like her daddy :)

Here's Santa's little helper.

I don't want to take another picture!!!!

Cousin Kinly and Lainey. She wants to be a big help with the baby. PS - she doesn't like to say Kinly, so she still calls her "Baybee"

Mommy and Lainey.

Ew, a present just for me!

The presnets were out of control. Dylan and Chloe came down at four in the morning to start opening up presents. We told them it was too early and to go back to bed....thank goodness. Some of us were up until 3:30 wrapping all these presents!

All the kids wanted to play Santa and help hand out presents. It was too cute.

More of Santa's helpers.

Christmas Eve service. She was reading the program.

Helping Addie with her "boddle"

Lainey and Daddy posing with their suitcases. She loves to push her "case" around waving and repeating "Bye Bye. Bye Bye"

Daddy and Lainey opening up presents on Christmas Day!

Here she is pushing her Bitty Baby in her stroller. She loved this!

Another present.

Christmas caroling in Wilson, Kansas. It sounded like a really weird idea, but once we all drank a couple of beers and loaded up the vehicles we had a really good time! It was fun seeing everyone's faces as they opened up their front doors with a random group of carolers :)

Matching stocking hats.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Random Lainey Stories

Lainey amazes me each and everyday. I've loved every part of being a mom, but so far 18 months+ is my favorite age. She is a little sponge and absorbs so much of what we say and tell her. It's a good thing Ryan and I are careful about what we say....most days ;) For example, I spilled my water the other day and said, "Oh, shhhhhhoooot," drawing out the shhhh because I was close to letting the other word slip out with Lainey standing right there. She looks at me and says, "Mommy Shhhhooot." She went over get a towel and helped me clean up my mess :)

I wear contacts and she has watched me put them before, but it was at least a few weeks ago. Saturday I was rinsing my contacts and she comes up and says "tacts, tacts." I said "Oh, contacts?" She looks at me and says "Yep!" Right after that she says, "gasses." I said, "Oh, mommy is wearing contacts instead of glasses?" She said, "Yep!" I was amazed that she was able to correlate glasses and contacts together!

I'll write more later..

Here she's running up to the camera yelling "Cheeeese!!!" even though it looks nothing like that.

Random Photos from November

This is from our trip to DC to see my cousins. Chloe likes to hide in this toy box and scare Addy and I. I wasn't scared.

Here I am helping out my baby cousin Kinly with her bottle. She likes for me to help and I love to do it. I wonder when I'll get a baby brother or sister. Hmmmmmm.

Here I am with a mini horse named Peanut. I was trying to pet him while getting away from Jake the dog. Jake was always chasing and jumping up on me. Ugh.

Here's a better picture (sort of) of Peanut, Jake and I.

I rode on Pappo's golf cart a few weeks ago. Mommy always poses for the camera, but I'm too busy checking things out to look up for a picture.

This is my cousin Addy and I.

Punk Rocker hairdos!

Mommy and the babies.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Here are some pictures of me from Halloween. I was a pretty butterfly fairy. I felt so big when I had my wings on :) Mommy and daddy took me around to a few houses to show people what I was dressed up as, but I didn't really care if they saw me I just wanted that candy! My favorite candy so far is M&Ms, but I didn't get to have very many. I was told I would be too hyper before bed. What's hyper mean anyway?!

Here I am with Kinly again. She was a cute little pumpkin.

Here I am trick or treating. I couldn't really say "Trick O Treat" so I just said "Peez" (please) so I could get some candy. It worked.

Looking at all the other trick o treaters outside the door. There were so many of them all dressed up in cool costumes! Mommy's favorite costume this year was Napolean Dynomite and Pedro. They came to Grandma and Grandpa's house hoping we'd "Vote for Pedro" I hope he won.

I got to help out candy when I was done Halloweening. I liked seeing all the other kids in their costumes.

Pumpkin Patch

Lainey here. Meema wanted me to write more often, so I will honor her request :) We went to a pumpkin patch last weekend and it was super fun! I loved it. Mommy and daddy pulled me in this red box on wheels (which is really super neat and I hope they get me one for Christmas). We went to the candy store where I enjoyed my very first sucker, took a train ride, played in hay and searched for pumpkins. Here are some pictures for you to look at from our trip.

This is me and my very first sucker. I did not want it to end :)

Quick group photo.

This is where you got to pick your pumpkins. That circle thing is a ferris wheel and it was just my size. Mommy said I couldn't ride it thought b/c I was too little. Humph.

This is my baby cousin Kinly. She doesn't do much but sleep, but she came anyway.

Here's the train I got to ride!

I was trying to say hi to this boy, but he didn't talk back. How rude! Then mommy told me it was a scarecrow and wasn't real.

I'm a big girl. I can pull my own red box with wheels.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

18 months.

Lainey got her very own chair. Here she is with her two "nigh-nighs" just after getting up. Has her very own name on it.

A quick family photo at her first KU football tailgate.

A quick preview of her Halloween costume. It was too cute not to share. She was twirling around and pulling at her wings. She was quite proud.

She won't sit in her high chair anymore. Has to be a big girl and sit at the table. We have a pub table so if she were to fall off the chair it would be a longer fall, but she doesn't seem to mind.

If you look close here, you can see she has pigtails. I don't know why, but she would NOT let me see her face when I was trying to take her picture in her cute little pigtails. Maybe she was embarrassed?!

18 months!

So Lainey will be 18 months officially on the 10th of this month. That doesn't seem possible. Here is an update.
Last I checked she was 26 pounds and not sure how long, but I can update after her dr.'s appt next week.
She is talking a lot more now and is starting to say short sentences (I do, please mommy and NO!).
Walking is going great and now she wants to run everywhere.
She LOVES her blankets, which she calls "Nigh-Nigh's." And no, they are not night-nights :) She has two of them and brings them almost everywhere we go.
Still tyring to break the paci. We're attempting to cut her off cold turkey this weekend. That should be fun. I talked to her today about how she's a big girl now and pacis are for babies. We were driving later and she took out her paci, looked at it and said, "Babies" then stuck it back in her mouth. I told her she better enjoy one of her last car rides with her paci ;)

Quick family photo. These are hard to come by these days so this is the best we got out of about 5 pictures. She's too squirmy. If you click on the photo to enlarge it you can see us better.

Aunt Kelv, Daddy and my new cousin Kinly at her baptism.

Kinly in her baptism outfit.

Sitting on some hay bails. I really wanted a posed picture, again this is the best I could get.

Chasing kitties around the farm.